Best sleep mask for 2021

Best sleep mask

If you are looking for a good night’s sleep but artificial lights are bothering you? Then do not worry, a sleep mask will surely help you get a good sleep. If you do not know about sleep masks, then let us point that out to you. This article will inform you about the best masks that you can get to have a good night.

What is a Sleep mask?

They are used to block the artificial light that disturbs you at night. It is also known as a face mask. Sleep masks block the unwanted lights that disrupt our internal biological “Clock” which helps to regulate our sleep-wake pattern. Sleep masks are used to put on your eyes before going to bed. It is comfy and it regulates our sleep as well.

How to choose the best sleep mask?

There are various types of masks. Every designer does not focus on everything while making a mask. In production, brands prioritize and pair different elements to make your sleep comfier and better. So it is on you to decide which one is best for you. If you do not know; How to choose the best one for yourself, then do not worry, we will tell you all you need to know about them and which characteristics you have to look for in a sleep mask.

  • Fit

First of all, you should make sure that your sleep mask fits you. Sometimes you use a loose sleep mask. It can fall from your eyes at any moment and might disturb your sleep. So do not buy a loose one. Not buying a loose sleep mask does not mean that you should get a tight sleep mask. If you use a tight sleep mask, then it might lead to hurting your eyes. It is a very bad idea as your eyes will always be in discomfort. So you are supposed to buy a sleep mask that is not too tight, nor too loose. 

  • Reviews

If you are buying a sleep mask online, then make sure to check on the reviews of other people. Sometimes the picture of a sleep mask looks nice but it is totally different or sometimes defective. As appearances are often deceiving, you should see the reviews and buy the sleep mask that has better reviews.

  • Shape and weight

There are many shapes and different weights of a sleeping mask, So you should know what type of sleep mask you want for a good sleep. There are flat, convex, and weighted masks. 

Convex and weighted masks are good for people that are seeking relief from anxiety and headache as they put concentrated pressure on your eyes and head. But some people find it disturbing, as more weight causes the mask to become too hot or too bulky, so you should decide which one you want.

  • Material

Checking the material of a  mask is a very important thing to do. If you want to have a soft and luxurious mask, then go for Silk. It will make you comfier. If you want something more sustainable, then go for Bamboo.

If you want to block all kinds of light effectively, then you can use thicker material. You should always check the material of a mask before buying it. If you do not like hand washing your mask, then make sure your sleep mask is machine washable.

  • Light Blockage

Blocking light is the basic purpose of a sleeping mask. So you should make sure your sleeping mask blocks light effectively or not. Some fabric sleep masks do not block all the light so you must make sure before buying.

  • Hot/ Cold

Sleeping masks also come in a variety of temperatures. You can use a hot mask to get rid of headaches or if you have a cold. If you are living in hot weather, then you are recommended to use a cold mask. It will make your eyes cool.

  • Skin-friendly

Sometimes your skin just does not accept the material. Whenever you touch it or go close to it, your skin gets hurt, you catch an allergy or rashes on your skin. So when you are using a sleep mask, make sure it is skin-friendly and does not hurt your eyes and skin.

Which are the best Sleep Masks?

  • Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Sleep Mask

If you want a complete blackout and do not want any kind of light to come into your eyes, then this mask is probably the best for you.

Best sleep mask

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  • Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

This is the most recommended mask from the list. It has a higher price than the others and it has a reason for that. It is completely made of silk. It provides you with the comfiest of feelings. It has a polyester filling inside. It is machine washable and it is thicker than most masks which lets a small amount of noise in your ears. It is very popular and very efficient. 

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  • MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

This sleep mask has been reviewed by more than 35000 people and is the best mask for napping. It has 3-D contoured cups that apply for relief to your eyes. It has a comfortable strap that does not disturb the hair.

Best sleep mask

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  • RachelSilk 19 Momme Silk Sleep Eye Mask

This is the best bargain for you if you want a cheap and best mask. It is made of silk that protects your hair and skin from friction. It is made of 18 amino acids that are anti-allergic and anti-ageing. So this might be the best deal for you.

Best sleep mask

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  • Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Eye Mask

This is the most eco-friendly mask on the market. It is made of Bamboo which is a vegan alternative to silk. It is best for people who have sensitive skin. It is comparable to real silk and is very cheap. 

Best sleep mask

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  • Blissey Silk Sleep Mask

If you are looking for the most luxurious kind of sleep mask, then there is no match for this mask. This is a high quality, 100 % mulberry silk that has a soft elastic band and extra cushioning. It is really expensive. 

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We hope this article showed you all the masks and let you decide on one for your own. These are all the best masks in the market and they will not disappoint you in any way. If you have any more questions about this article, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you. You can buy most of these masks on

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