Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

In this article we will tell you about; What is the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth? If you are suffering from sensitivity and you want an end to it, then you should try to change your toothpaste. In this article, we will tell you about the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth. We will show you more ways to keep your teeth safe from sensitivity. First, let’s talk about sensitivity.

What is Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is known as pain or discomfort in the teeth as a response to certain stimuli, such as hot or cold temperatures. When you are suffering from sensitivity, you feel pain while eating or drinking cold or hot stuff.  It results in discomforting pain that may last for a couple of seconds if you are lucky and maybe it would last for more than that, which will be very painful. Sensitivity may affect a tooth, several teeth, or all the teeth in a single individual. It is also known as “Dentin hypersensitivity”.

About 15% to 30% of adults suffer from sensitivity. Suffering from sensitive teeth can look different depending upon the condition of the victim. Some people experience mild pain when they eat ice cream, while some of them experience serious discomfort. According to studies, women are more likely than men to suffer sensitivity. It is because female hormones cause greater blood flow to the gums, which causes them to be more sensitive than men. 

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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How does sensitivity occur?

Sensitivity typically occurs due to worn tooth enamel and gum recession. Sometimes it is caused by other factors such as a cavity, worn filling, or gum disease. This is why you should regularly go to a dentist for a checkup. It is beneficial for oral health.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can lessen the symptoms of tooth sensitivity and you can do that at the dentist’s office as well as at home.

How to recover from Sensitivity?

One of the best and easy ways of recovering from sensitivity is using Toothpaste. You should pay attention to which type of toothpaste you are using.  Some toothpaste is made for people who are suffering from sensitivity. Two basic ingredients in toothpaste are Potassium Nitrate and Stannous fluoride. The toothpaste that contains Potassium Nitrate tends to soothe the nerves inside your teeth which prevents them from sending pain signals that came from cold air or hot coffee. The Stannous fluoride works like a shield to protect the exposed soft, inner part of the tooth called dentin. This shield works to keep cold soda or other pain-causing agents from causing pain. 

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Which is the best toothpaste for sensitivity?

There are many toothpaste brands that can cure sensitivity. We will show you the best toothpaste that you can use to cure sensitivity easily.

1. Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive toothpaste

If you have chronic tooth enamel issues despite good oral hygiene habits, then Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive toothpaste will help you.

Sometimes you take good care of your teeth, you brush them every day regularly but it is still not giving you the advantage. It means you have weak enamel. In this case, you can use Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive toothpaste. You can reinforce that weakened enamel and you can decrease the pain every time you brush your teeth.

It has a con that this toothpaste does not have fluoride, it means that it can not prevent cavities or restoration and it would not attack plaque. But we are using this toothpaste for enamel restoration, So it is not a worry.

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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2. Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste

If you want to whiten your teeth and cure sensitivity, then the best option for you will be Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste. This toothpaste will give you whiter teeth and will take away your tooth pain. Sensodyne is so famous around the globe for its amazing result against sensitivity.

Sensodyne reliably treats tooth pain with regular use. Toothpaste can not cure sensitivity in just one brush. You have to brush daily and regularly to get positive results. After using Sensodyne, you can enjoy lasting relief after some weeks.

And the best thing about Sensodyne  Extra whitening toothpaste is that it makes your teeth look much whiter. You can have a brighter smile than before.


This toothpaste makes your teeth whiter and cures sensitivity, but it does not cure weak enamel nor cavities. You have to choose another toothpaste for this purpose. But if you do not have these problems, then this toothpaste is best for you. Although it has bad taste.

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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3. Sensodyne rapid relief 

This Sensodyne toothpaste can help you cure sensitivity in three days. It counts if you regularly brush your teeth. This is better than the previous toothpaste as it is faster and it also removes tooth stains and fights cavities.

People feel better after using this toothpaste. This toothpaste has always got positive responses. You can also buy this toothpaste on Amazon.

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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4. Colgate Sensitive pro relief

Colgate Sensitive pro relief is considered the best overall toothpaste. This toothpaste helps to overcome sensitivity as well as fights all the cavities and other underlying causes.

If you have a weaker enamel, then the 1500 PPM concentration of fluoride in Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Repair Toothpaste can help you restore tooth enamel by reducing sensitivity over the long term.

In the shorter term, this toothpaste also has Potassium Nitrate, which can help you relieve sensitivity in just a few weeks. It will fill the many microscopic channels that connect your tooth’s nerve centre to the exterior of the enamel. If you keep using this toothpaste, then the fluoride can even restore the enamel.

When you will use this toothpaste regularly, you will see that you will recover from almost all the issues of teeth. You will not feel any pain while eating or drinking cold and hot stuff.

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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We hope this article helped you with finding the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Brushing teeth is a basic part of life, so we should take instant care of it. We can not just let our teeth become worse than ever. So you should brush your teeth regularly. We hope your choice of toothpaste brings a wider and bigger smile than ever. If you have any more questions about this article, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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