Can you freeze celery?


In this article, we will tell you about; Can you freeze celery? Celery adds a flavourful crunch to any dish when used fresh. You can use a small amount of Celery to do that. But if you have a larger stock of Celery and you can not use it quickly, then you can preserve it. You can preserve it by using the freezing method. So yes, you can freeze celery and we will show you How? In this article, you will know how to freeze celery and the benefits of freezing celery. So let’s start with talking about celery.

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What is Celery?

Celery is a marshland plant in the family Apiaceae that has been cultivated as a vegetable since antiquity. It has a long fibrous stalk tapering into leaves. Its crunchy stalks make the vegetable a popular low-calorie snack. It also contains a lot of health benefits. This fibre in Celery can benefit the digestive and cardiovascular systems. 

Can you freeze celery?

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Is Celery beneficial?

Celery is a very beneficial plant. It has so many advantages. Celery reduces inflammation and also helps indigestion. It is a great source of antioxidants. So as a whole, Celery makes us healthy and fit. It also helps in infertility. So there are many reasons for which you can eat Celery. If you have a lot of Celery, then you can store it. Freezing will make it last longer. Let’s talk about the freezing method of Celery.

How to Freeze Celery? 

Now before you start freezing Celery for a long-lasting effect, you have to remember that the result will not be the crunchy vegetable you love. Yes, you will lose its crunch. But all of its nutrients will still be there. Celery is mostly water. So when you freeze it, the process ruptures cell walls, which results in a limp, mushy product. But when you freeze it, it works fabulously. You can use it in things like Casseroles, Sauces, and other hot concoctions. You can also use it as an aroma with soups. It can also be used in broths for cooking rice, or in roasts, tossing after cooking. If you want Celery for these uses, then freeze it in larger chunks so that you can easily retrieve it from dishes.

Celery can be a difficult vegetable to freeze because of its high water content. If you have a bunch of it, then you can not use all of it before it spoils. You can prolong its life by freezing though. The key to freezing Celery is to blanch it so it hangs onto its flavour for much longer. You can use it in different meals that way. Let’s freeze our Celery.

Prepare Celery for freezing

  • Choose the right stalks

When we are going to freeze Celery, we have to choose the right stalks. You have to select those which are more crispy and tender because they are more likely to freeze well. Make sure to avoid stalks that have coarse strings while freezing.

  • Wash and trim the Celery

After selecting the Celery stalks, clean them thoroughly. Use cold water for this process and scrub the surface of the Celery with a vegetable brush so that no residue remains. After that, rinse them again. Use a sharp knife to cut the base of each stalk and the strings that might be hanging off the ends. If you notice that any of the stalks are discoloured, then take them out.

  • Chop the Celery to your desired length

Once the Celery stalks are clean, use the knife to cut them to your desired length. If you are not sure where you will be using Celery in the future, then cut them into 1-inch a piece. It is usually a good size for dishes. It is best to chop off Celery stalks before they freeze because after freezing they will be very hard and you will find difficulty in cutting them. 

Blanching the Celery

  • Boil water 

Place a large stockpot on your stove. Then fill it with enough water to cover all the Celery that you will be freezing. Turn the burner speed to high. Then allow the water to boil. When you have to decide how much water to add to the pot, you can use one gallon for every pound of Celery. Before Blanching, remember that if you are not planning to freeze Celery for more than two months, then you might not blanch them. But it preserves the Celery flavour so you can blanch them even if you are going to get them out of the freezer after eight weeks.

  • Cook the Celery

Once the water is boiled, you have to place the chopped Celery in the pot. Give the water a good stir after adding the Celery to ensure that it’s all submerged. Let the Celery cook in boiling water for three minutes. You should place the Celery in a boiler basket before adding it to the water. It makes it much easier to add it to and remove it from the water. You can set a timer when you place the Celery in the water if you are not sure whether you will overcook it or not.

  • Transfer the Celery

When the Celery has cooked for about three minutes, take it out of the hot water. Immediately, transfer it to a large bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. Let it sit in the cold water for about three minutes. If you do not want to create an ice water bath for the Celery, then you can place it in a colander and set it under cold running water to cool it as soon as possible.

Freezing the Celery

  • Dry the Celery

After you have cooled the Celery, dump the bowl of cold water into a colander to drain the chopped Celery. Then, shake the colander well to remove all of the excess moisture, and then blot the Celery with a clean towel or paper towel to dry it thoroughly. Make sure that you dry the Celery carefully because once you leave the moisture, it will ruin the Celery when you freeze it.

  • Place it in a container

When the Celery is properly drained and dried, divide it into ½ pound portions. Transfer it to freezer-proof containers, such as plastic containers or plastic freezer bags, so it’s ready to freeze. If you are using a plastic container, then make sure to leave room inside for the Celery to expand.

  • Place it in the freezer

Label the Celery container and place it in the freezer. Once you have the Celery in the freezer containers, add a label with the contents and date so it is easy to find it by the right name and time.

Can you freeze celery?

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We hope this article helped you in freezing Celery. If you have preserved Celery, then make sure that you use it within a year. If you have any queries about this topic, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you. If you want to know more about Celery and its benefits, then go to Celery and its benefits  

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