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How To Get Health Insurance

    Open enrollment is a time for you to make free changes to the health insurance you buy through the health insurance marketplace. You can learn more and apply for health insurance under the ACA in a number of ways.

    If you do not have employer-based health insurance, you can purchase an individual health plan through an annual open enrollment period, or see if you are eligible for a special enrollment period, via You may buy a Marketplace plan even if you are eligible for coverage through an employer, and it does not hurt to see if you can find a better plan for your situation.

    If your state operates its own health insurance marketplace, you should purchase a health plan through the marketplace in your state to ensure that your plan is subsidy-eligible. Depending on your income and eligibility for other health coverage, you might be able to qualify for subsidies–also called premium tax credits–when buying health insurance through a marketplace. If you purchase a policy through Maryland Health Connection, you might be eligible for tax credits, which you can apply to lower the premiums you pay each month.

    Maryland Health Connection is also available to help you determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid and assist with enrolling you in Medicaid. If you are pregnant or if you have a child younger than 19, you may be eligible for coverage through the Maryland Childrens Health Program (MCHP). You can also contact Maryland Health Connection at or 1-855-742-8572. Important NoticeIf anyone is trying to sell you health insurance, be sure the person selling you a plan is licensed, and that you understand what plans will and will not cover. When looking for health insurance through an association or membership organization, be sure you are really buying insurance, and not just a discount health care service plan.

    When comparing health plans, look for helpful tools and services that can be had for no extra charge, help save time and money, and keep your health. For help getting started, and figuring out what plans are eligible, consumers should go to

    Marketplace plans available through These plans are eligible for subsidies, and the navigator assistance is free. The Federal Governments Health Insurance Navigator only shows you Marketplace plans available through You can buy health coverage through your state or federal marketplace, which offers your choice of plans.

    Depending on which plan type you purchase, your care may only be covered if you see a provider that is part of your plans network. With a PPO plan, your insurer will cover some or all of the out-of-network charges. With the ACA Marketplace insurance plans from Aetna CVS Health (aka the exchange), you do not have to break the bank to cover the costs of your care.

    The ACA provides individuals and families greater access to affordable healthcare coverage options, including health, dental, vision, and other types of healthcare coverage that might not be otherwise available. The Affordable Care Act guarantees all Medi-Cal health plans provide something known as essential health benefits (EHBs). Medi-Cal currently provides a basic suite of health benefits, including physician visits, hospital care, immunizations, pregnancy-related services, and nursing home care.

    If you live in San Benito County, only one health insurance plan is available, and you can sign up for that health insurance plan. Remember, if you do not pick a plan within 30 days after receiving the Health Plan Information Mailer, Medi-Cal will pick a plan for you. If you see more than one health plan listed, explore each one, then pick one that meets the needs of you and your family. Connecticut Health Insurance Plans Residents looking for individual and group health insurance, managed care, Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans, and medical discount plans may want to investigate options.

    Online health insurance brokers – also called private enrollment websites or private exchanges – offer to help you compare health plans or obtain the best available plans, depending on the information you provide to them. To the extent allowed by states, agents and brokers play a major role in informing consumers about the Health Insurance Marketplace and the Affordable Care Acts coverage programs, as well as helping consumers obtain an eligibility determination, apply for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions, compare plans, and sign up for coverage. In particular, agents and brokers play a key role in helping eligible employers and employees enroll in coverage through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). In Federally Facilitated Marketplaces (FFMs), CDOs supervise certified enrollment counselors (CACs) who are trained and capable of helping consumers explore their options for health coverage through an FFM.

    Enrollment assistance program contracts set up temporary shop locations and workforces at designated CMS community centers to assist consumers with enrollment in the first year of a Health Insurance Marketplace.

    If you do, please visit Pennsylvanias Insurance Marketplace to shop and buy health and dental coverage, as well as to request financial assistance. For costs and full details about your coverage, please consult with an insurance agent or a health plan. If you were enrolled in an employer group plan and lost coverage, you may be eligible to keep your existing coverage through COBRA, a federal law that gives certain employees the option of continuing their health coverage when they leave their job, or through Marylands Continuation of Coverage Act. Loss of coverage is one of qualified life events that allows you to enroll in a private health plan outside the annual open enrollment period.

    These changes include losing employer-based health coverage, changing your family situation, or moving to another area. During enrollment, people who are uninsured may enroll, and those who are already enrolled in the Marketplace may have an opportunity to switch plans. These plans can use your medical history to deny you coverage or to reject claims based on pre-existing conditions.

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