Fleabites: How To Identify Flea Bites Symptoms and Treatments on Humans

Get Awareness about Fleabites

What Are Fleas?

They are a kind of very small-sized bugs and size not larger than a pen tip. They range from light brown to dark black in their colour appearance. They have no wings so the only way of commute remained with them is walking or jumping here and there. They are tiny, thin, and have flat and hard bodies, and make a sound like a tick if you try to squeeze them between any two hard bodies.

They can reproduce in a matter of time so you can expect to find a lot of fleas if you find one around. Their favourite places in your home are your pet bodies (especially dogs and cats), your carpets, and your yard. Once they invade, it sometimes becomes hard to avoid them and you may even need the help of pesticide controllers.

What do flea bites look like?

Fleabites look somewhat like mosquito bites, but there are some distinctive aspects of fleabites that we can use to easily differentiate them. The infected area may become sore, itchy and you will even develop a rash. A fleabite can even become painful and sore. Due to rash people are more prone to scratch the infected area that may lead to further damage. In intense cases, you may develop skin that may get infected because damaged skin becomes prone for harmful bacteria to enter easily.

You can easily find them on your skin when a flea bites you. Fleabites are smaller as compared to a mosquito bite, and exist in a group of three or four reddish dots, or they may also exist in a straight line. Fleabites are most abundant on or around your feet or legs. However, you may also find them around your waist, groin, breast, armpits, and knees.

Fleabites vs Bed Bug Bites

The bed bug is another creepy creature that lives in your carpets, mattresses, and wooden furniture. They hide there in the day and come out at night to bite humans while sleeping. While fleas bite the lower body most often, bed bugs bite the upper part of your body. You can easily find a bug bite around your face area, your neck, chest, arms, and hands.

Bug bites look somewhat like fleabites, they appear to be reddish dark dots, and surprisingly they also exist in groups or in a straight line. Bed bug bites last for around one week before they disappear by themselves. If the situation gets worse you may contact your medical practitioner as well as local pest controllers.

How to treat flea bites?

Fleabites disappear themselves in a matter of time, however, you need patience as they may cause rash and you may not help to scratch the infected area. Try to avoid scratching as it may lead to further damages and infections. If it feels a lot more like scratching your skin you can use anti-itching creams or antihistamines.

It is rare and unlikely to get the infection if you avoid scratching but it may occur. If you think you got an infection, symptoms are rash and white pockets, you need to see your medical practitioner immediately.

How long do flea bites last?

Fleabites last for around a week and then disappear themselves. During this period, you need to be very cautionary. Try to avoid scratching your skin and try using the medications if the itching gets severe.

How to get rid of fleas?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are two favorable areas that fleas like: one is your pet and the other is your yard. Therefore, you need to treat your pet and your home to get rid of fleas for good forever.

First of all, check your pet for fleabites. This is not an easy task as there is likely to be a huge fur on the body of your pet and as said earlier, fleabites are quite tiny to locate. However, there are certain areas you should look for on the body of your pet to find out fleabites. They may be their feet and tip base of their tail. However, if you find them scratching their skin most often, it may also be a sign of fleabite.

There are many anti-flee shampoos in the market that you may use to wash your pet and get them free of fleas. After this treatment, use an anti-flea collar on your pet that acts as a flea repellant.

Now let’s come to your home. As fleas live in carpets and in the yard, you may use a vacuum to clean out fleas from your carpets. Wash your mattress and the bedding of your pet to get the area clear of fleas.

The last solution to getting rid of fleas is using insecticides. This may cause you to leave your home for some time so that the spray gets dried out and the smell gets finished. You can also call pest control in your area and leave the work to them.


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