How to Reinvent Yourself and Live a Life You Want?

How to Reinvent Yourself and Live a Life You Want

Reinvent Yourself and Live a Life You Want: He would sell bone density scanners to meet the ends like paying bills and affording the grocery. But things don’t always go as you want. Those bone density scanners were expensive and would give results just slightly better than an x-ray machine. That’s why most of the time, these scanners wouldn’t get sold.

Apart from this job, he had a strong affiliation with sales and wanted to become a stockbroker. His wife didn’t like the idea and left her. He was broke and hardly able to take care of his son. However, his passion for becoming a stockbroker didn’t fade despite unwanted circumstances.

He didn’t give up on his dream, worked day and night, and is now a multimillionaire. His name is Chris Gardner, an American businessman.

It is never too late to chase your dream. No matter what phase of life you are at right now, you can always start from the beginning and live the life that you want. It just needs a little courage and consistency towards your ambition. If you are thinking to change your life, here are some of the suggestions we would like to suggest that might help you in the long run:

What does your instinct say?

It is not your family, your friends, or any of your mates who will tell you what you should do or be in your life. You will tell yourself about what to do, so ask yourself what you want to do. There is a saying by Steve Jobs, “Do what you love, and love what you do.” If you do what you love, you won’t work even a single day. I would become your hobby and your passion for doing what you love and can do the best.

Surround yourself with a right company

Your company defines you. The right company can push you towards your goals; that company believes in your motives and helps you achieve them. On the contrary, a bad company will never believe in your ambitions. They will always question your actions and goals and always drag you away from your goals.

So it is your responsibility that you surround yourself with the right-minded people who motivate you and help you succeed.

Set priorities

You need to set your priorities in life at every moment. Steven Covey mentions this phenomenon in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. He divides the task into two categories: urgent and important. A task may be both urgent and important, or just urgent, or just important. Neither of them once you prioritize your task according to one of the categories mentioned above. You have already set your priorities.

Become an early riser

Most of the successful people were and are early risers. When you wake up early in the morning, you get ahead of so many people concerning time. You get an extra two to three hours to do your tasks. At this time, you can do your morning workout, yoga, or any other creative activity. As you wake up early, you don’t try to hurry for your daily tasks. At this time, you are relaxed and can use this time most creatively. You can utilize this time and jot down your tasks on a piece of paper you have to do in your whole day.

Leave your comfort zone.

Trying new things is hard. It would be best to get out of your comfort zone to start a new thing and carry it out with complete focus. Your comfort zone is your enemy. You might have a 9 to 5 job, but you are not happy with it and wanted to start your own business to get rich, but you are afraid of losing your money and your time. A job provides you security in the form of a monthly paycheck. However, this paycheck is not going to make you any richer, but your own business can. Therefore, you need to take a chance and go out and invest your money.

Manage your resources wisely.

Let’s continue the example of starting a new business and leaving your current job. You can’t jump into the business straight away. First of all, you need to save your money, and this may take several months. Once you have enough money to invest in your business, please don’t put the whole of it in your business. Spend half of the money on your business setup. When the business runs smoothly, you must save more than 50 percent of the revenues.

Embrace failures

Failure is a part of life; it tells you that it is not the right way to do a specific task. You must not lose your heart after successive failures, rather learn from them, get up with a high head and with more energy and move forward with your life.

Failures make you stronger and increase your experience. So, learn from them and move on. Just remind yourself why you started what you started in the first place, and you will get enough reason not to give up.


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