in this article, we will tell you about some IMPORTANT THINGS BEFORE GOING FOR BARIATRIC SURGERY. If you are trying to lose weight and you tried everything natural, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that well, then there is one last way with which you can lose weight. In this article, you will know about this way and you will be informed about the things that you need to remember before going that way. What is the other way? Let’s find out.

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Bariatric Surgery

If you can not lose weight by following natural ways, then this is the final option for you. Bariatric surgery is done to switch work by changing the anatomy of the stomach and small intestines. This surgery causes a change in appetite. You feel full all the time and your body will start to burn calories.

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Is bariatric surgery worth it?

When we talk about surgeries, we always get worried about the final result and side effects of the process. Most surgeries that we know about are dangerous and your life might be at risk while getting them. But in the case of Bariatric surgery, there is no harm. This is one of the safest surgeries. So you should not worry about this. It is safer than other elective surgeries.

What should you remember before getting Bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is such a great tool to lose weight, but it is just a tool. Before getting Bariatric surgery, you should keep yourself ready. Your lifestyle, your thoughts, and your food consumption will be changed, so you should prepare yourself mentally for this process. The more you change yourself, the more you have chances to lose weight. So let’s talk about things you need to know before getting Bariatric surgery. 


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Follow a schedule

When you get the surgery, you will be eating a protein-based meal after every three to four hours. You would not be able to change your timetable. So it is recommended that you should prepare a timetable to eat. It will help you be punctual and you will not find it difficult to follow the meals after surgery. Take a protein shake with you wherever you go. Try to eat on time, bring balanced meals, and be punctual. Punctuality will be the key to your weight loss. Any kind of laziness will slow down or even stop weight loss. 

Take pictures

You might have seen people’s body transformations online. They post a picture of them before and after the surgery. It makes you feel motivated. Do the same with yourself. Take pictures before the surgery and eventually after the surgery. When you will find differences in your previous and present body, you will start to feel motivated and you will do more to lose weight. Taking pictures is not difficult at all, so you should do it.


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When you will get the surgery, you will be proposed to sip protein shakes all day. You would not be drinking a large number of fluids. So you should practice not drinking water to get used to your routine. You can try not to drink water while eating to get used to this form.

Eat less 

After you get the surgery, your stomach will change. It will not take food as it took before the surgery, it will not digest food that quickly. So you should start eating slowly and you must chew and chew every bite because, after surgery, it will not be easy to digest such food. If you get used to this, then you will find it easy after the surgery.

Follow Bariatric team for life

The first year after getting the surgery will be easy, you will follow the rules using motivation or simple interest. But after some time, you will start feeling lazy, you will say that I will do it tomorrow. Things like that happen to everyone, so do not worry. What you have to do in that situation is to follow the Bariatric team. Let them know whether you are doing your job properly or not. This will help you build a great relationship with the Bariatric team as well as it will let you be active and punctual.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You should keep in mind that everyone is different. You can not compare yourself to another. Everyone lives their own lives, goes through their struggles. When you look at a person who is not losing weight. Do not lose your heart, he is not you. His actions do not make you what you are. You will become what you want. So you should have a head-up before the surgery.

Do not eat whenever you want

Most of us have a habit of eating out of our timetable. We go to eat whenever we feel alone, struggling, stressed, or even bored. Before getting Bariatric surgery, make sure you are not addicted to out-of-context foods. Because after getting the surgery, you will follow a strict diet and you will not be able to eat out of that time. So get control of your emotions and stop eating without any reason except hunger.

Make a commitment 

Commit yourself that you will be different after the surgery, that you will follow a strict diet, that you will consume healthy food, and that you will lose weight no matter what. And keep up to your commitment. It is not easy but easy roads do not take you to a beautiful destination. So do the hard choice and make that commitment. You will be proud of yourself afterwards.


We hope this article was informative to you. We gave you some important tips before going for Bariatric surgery. Also, we recommend you to stay strong and do not give up. If you have any other questions about this topic, then ask us in the comment section. 

Tell us if you have been through Bariatric surgery. How do you feel right now? How has life changed for you since then? We would love to hear your story.

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