In this article we will be talking about; TOP BENEFITS OF USING DARK SELF TANNING FOAM. If you want to have a darker colour of your skin, then you can do a tanning process. There are some types of Tanning. In this article, we will show all the benefits of self-tanning. We will give a detailed explanation of all topics. First, let’s talk about Tanning.


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What is Tanning?

Tanning is the process of converting your skin into a darker colour by exposing it to the sun, There are also other ways with which you can do this. People are never satisfied with themselves. White people want to have a darker colour. Brown people want to have a whiter colour. To get darker skin, white people expose their skin to the sun. This is also called sunbathing. They expose certain parts of their body to get good results. Tanning does change your skin tone to a darker one. This is called Sun tanning.

Is tanning safe?

Tanning makes your skin look darker. This is the only advantage of tanning. In reality, tanning damages your skin cells and also speeds up signs of aging. Exposing skin to the sun makes it red and it hurts too. Sun tanning can also cause skin cancer due to the radiations coming from the sun. Tanning increases the risk of basal cell carcinoma and Melanoma. We can also say that Tanning is not safe, it is not healthy at all and there is no such thing as a healthy tan.


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Is there a safer way of tanning?

As sun tanning is dangerous for your health, we recommend you use an alternative way to do that. There is another way of tanning that is safer than sun tanning. It is called Self-tanning. You can do self-tanning to make your skin look darker.

What is Self-tanning?

Self-tanning is making your skin darker without the help of the sun. In self-tanning, you can use different ways of making your skin look darker. They include sprays, lotions, foam, and many other methods. Sun tanning got famous in the 1960s when scientists predicted the Ultra-violet radiation and skin cancer effects of Sun tanning. Let’s talk about different types of self-tanning. 

Tanning spray

Spray tanning is a form of self-tanning where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body which makes your body look darker than before. This mist has Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that interacts with the skin’s chemistry and turns it dark. One of the best spray tanners is Self-tanning water by Sephora. You can buy it using this link.


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Tanning lotion

Tanning lotions are used to accelerate indoor tanning processes. It promotes the production of melanin. It increases the blood flow to the skin which stimulates the production of melanin by melanocytes. Like the tanning spray, tanning lotion also has the color addictive dihydroxyacetone. When it is applied, it reacts with the dead cells of the skin and stimulates a tan. It is a temporary process that lasts for a few days only. It not only improves the tan of your skin but also makes your skin soft so wrinkles do not appear on your skin. One of the best tanning lotions is Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk. You can also buy it from the link.

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Tanning foam

Tanning foam is another method of self-tanning. It is just like the lotion and spray. You spread foam on your skin and it makes your skin darker. It has dihydroxyacetone which reacts with the dead cells and makes skin dark. Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse is one of the best tanning foams. You can check it out as well as buy it from this link.


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Benefits of using dark self Tanning foam 

Dark self-tanning foam is better than Suntan. It is the healthiest option for your skin. Sun tanning is a major risk for your skin as you can get cancer from the Ultraviolet rays coming directly from the sun. They can harm your skin badly. And the worst thing is that you can not have a shade of your choice. With Sun tanning, you can not control your colour. It can be darker or even a little lighter depending upon the heat of the Sun. This is why we use self-tanning.

First of all, self-tanning is a temporary process, Unlike Sun tanning, foam tanning only lasts for a few days. You can tan your skin for a specific event and after that, you can have your previous skin back. This is the ultimate advantage of using self-tan.

Second of all, self-tan is less harmful than Sun tanning. It is because foam tanners only affect the dead cells on the top of your skin. They react with the dead cells and make a darker colour. When the dead cells come out, the tan starts to fade. In this way, self-tanners do not affect the cells of the body and reduce the cancer factor. So you can use self-tan without having the caution of cancer. 

Tanning foam does not have after-effects. It does not harm the skin of the body. 

Another big advantage of Self-tan is that it lets you choose the shade of your skin, you can have lighter skin or even darker skin depending upon your choice. It depends upon the amount of foam you apply to the body. You do not have to depend upon the weather like in sun tanning and you do not have to spend several days in a tanning booth to get the wanted skin. 

Self-tanning does not take a long time to apply and react. It is a faster, safer, and easier process. 

It is a relaxing process. You do not have to bear all the heat of the sun to get the wanted result. You can easily apply foam and tan your skin.


We hope you got to know the benefits of using dark self-tanning foam. It is a safer process than sun tanning but it has its disadvantages too. It results in ageing quickly and it can also damage your skin if used frequently. So it is up to you whether you want your natural skin or the tanned one. If you have any other queries, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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