Find Out What do I want to eat?


In this article we will be talking about; What do I want to eat? Are you feeling hungry or bored or feeling lonely? You do not know what to do? Just eat. If you can not choose a meal to eat, then do not worry. We will show you some delicious foods that you can eat. In this article, we will let you choose something to eat. 

What do I want to eat?

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What kind of food do you like to eat?

Now there are several thousand types of foods that you can eat. We eat food according to our taste and mood. So for now, we will try to find out what you would like to eat. We all go through a time when we can not decide what to eat. That is why we came here to help you eat something delicious.

When do you want to eat?

Most people would think that we want to eat only when we are hungry. Well, that is not 100% alright. We eat food when we are bored, we eat food when we are sad, we eat food when we are happy. Even that we eat food when we do not want to do anything. And the world is full of flavours to taste. So we can try different meals so that we do not lose interest in one food. So we have to say that there is no exact time to eat. But we do know what you can eat at a specific time.

Types of foods

There are more than 190 countries in the world and everyone has a different taste and different cultures, so we can not show you all of them, what we can do is to show you some of the most commonly eaten foods around the world.

Fast Food

Everyone knows about fast food and we all know we can not resist fast food once it is in front of us. As you can see by the name, Fast food is the type of food that can be cooked and served quickly. But you have to remember that Fast food is made of cheap ingredients and it has no health effect on our body. Instead, it brings diseases with it. But the amazing taste of fast food makes us eat it more and more.

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Now, who doesn’t love Pizza? Pizza originated from Italy and it has become the best fast food in the world. It has a layer of wheat dough as a base and topping of different vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and various other ingredients. You can choose from many flavours. If you want something that is served fast, then you can choose Pizza. It is delicious and it can fill your hunger.

Best time to eat pizza: Night 

What do I want to eat?

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Burgers are another delicious form of fast food. The burger is a sandwich that consists of one or more parties. It has a piece of bread or bun sliced into halves. You put the meat patties in between the slices. There are many types of Burgers. You can choose any one of your choices.

Best time to eat burger: Night

What do I want to eat?

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There are many more types of fast food but Pizzas and Burgers are the most famous ones. You can try these types of meals anywhere. They are mostly consumed at night.


If you want to eat something in the morning, then you can go for a breakfast meal. Breakfast makes your body active for the upcoming day, You get the starter running package of your body in the form of breakfast. The study says that you should eat breakfast to fulfil your hunger completely. This makes the body healthy and fit to work all day. There are different types of breakfasts consumed in the whole world. We will show you some of the most often consumed meals.

What do I want to eat?

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Egg and bread

If you want a healthy start to your day, then a breakfast of bread and egg can be very beneficial for you. Eggs have high levels of protein and good cholesterol, they are rich in nutrients. They give you the perfect start for the day. Bread is responsible for the daily required calcium in our body. So you can use eggs and bread for your breakfast. 

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Cereal is a formal way of starting the day in the whole world. Cereals are grains used for food. For example Maze, rice, etc. Cereals are often consumed with milk. They are known to provide you with the basic nutrients your body needs in the morning. It is a fast and easy process too. You just have to put milk in the cereal. There are many different kinds of Cereals you can buy from the market.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals. Every fruit and vegetable has its advantage. You can consume different fruits and vegetables for different purposes. You can check some vegetables as they are and there are also some that you can cook and eat. If you are bored in the afternoon, then you can eat fruits or even drink their juice. It is very healthy for your body. You can eat Apples, Mangoes, Bananas and many more fruits according to the season. Apples are good for your entire body’s blood circulation. Bananas are responsible for the daily needed consumption of Potassium in the body. 

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Best time to eat fruits and vegetables: Afternoon

We hope this article helped you in choosing. We gave you some choices according to the time of the day. If you have more questions about this topic, then ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you choose the perfect food for you.

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