Water is one of the most essential things that we need to survive. In this article, we will show you all the reasons for which you should drink more water. Let’s talk about water.


We use water for countless purposes, but the most important purpose of water in our lives is its consumption. We can not live without water. It does not provide us with any calories or organic nutrients. It is a tasteless and colourless liquid that is very essential for our lives. The world is almost 70% water. Most of it is seawater though and we can not drink it. 


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Why do we need water? 

A human body is made up of 60 % of water. So our body needs regular water to do all the functions in our body. Water is needed to digest all the food in your stomach. It also has the job to get rid of the waste. Water is the main ingredient in perspiration. It causes sweat on our bodies. Being an important part of the body, it is needed for all the cells to work. You can not survive without water for long. An average human can live about three days without water. This fact can change according to the body mass of the person as it depends upon the body mass to see how much water a person needs.

Studies say that an average man is supposed to drink 3.7 litres of water per day. An average woman comes with a less amount of water of 2.7 litres. Your weight tells how much water you need. The more your weight is, the more water you need.

Types of Water 

There are many types of water. Two of the basic types of water are saltwater and pure water. The Earth is mostly saltwater. Others are in the form of lakes and springs. You can not drink salt water as it can cause death. 97% of Earth’s water is saltwater. We can drink the other 3%. We consume countless amounts of water daily. Do you know Why it is very important to drink water regularly? If not, then do not worry. We will help you in that situation. Just follow the instructions given below.

Why should we drink water daily?

If you do not drink much water daily, then read all the reasons which we are about to tell you. Drinking water is crucial for our health, yet some people do not consume enough water. Let’s talk about the benefits of drinking water.


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Oxygen delivery

Our body works as blood flows through all parts of the body. Blood is 90% water. So if you do not drink enough water daily, then blood flow will be disturbed. Blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body. You should drink a considerable amount of water so that oxygen is delivered throughout the body.

Skin health

If you do not consume enough water, then your skin will get dull and vulnerable. You would get skin disorders and wrinkling. Drinking water will bring new life to your skin and make your skin glow. Your skin will get smoother and softer than ever.

Body Temperature

Water is stored in the middle of skin layers. It comes out in the form of sweat. When it evaporates, it cools the body temperature. If you are doing exercise, then drinking more water can reduce your body temperature. Scientists say that if there is too little water in the skin, then the body becomes heated and it can not tolerate more heat. So drinking more water can cool down our body temperature.

Digestive System

Water is the most important ingredient in the digestive system of the body. It is used to digest all the food and take out the waste in the form of juices. So if you have digestion problems, then you should try drinking more water.

Blood Pressure

As we know that blood is 90% water. When there is a little amount of water in the blood, then the blood eventually becomes thicker, this results in a slow flow of blood throughout the body, which causes blood pressure to rise. So drinking more water can save you from rising blood pressure.

Minerals and nutrients 

Minerals and nutrients are soluble in water, which means that they need water to be dissolved in the human body. When you drink more water, these nutrients and minerals get dissolved and flow to all parts of the body.

Kidney damage

Kidneys are responsible to regulate fluids in the body. When there is insufficient water in the body, the kidney can not regulate those fluids, so this results in kidney stones and other problems. So water is vital for kidneys to function properly.

Exercise boosts up

If you do exercise regularly, then you must drink more and more water. Scientists say that if you have dehydration, then any exercise that lasts for more than thirty minutes will not be performed efficiently. So drinking more water boosts up your performance and fastens your work. 

Weight loss

If you are looking forward to losing your body weight, then water is very useful in this process. Water contains zero calories. It means you do not gain weight no matter how much water you drink. You can consume water with other juices to lose weight. 

Brain damage 

Dehydration can harm your brain. When you consume less amount of water, then your brain causes it to work improperly. You start to forget things. So drinking water is essential for the brain to work properly. 

Forms saliva 

Water makes the essential saliva in our body which is used to digest foods. Saliva moisturizes the mouth, nose, and eyes of your body. When dehydrated, these parts get hard by friction which makes them dry. Drinking water regularly moisturizes them and reduces tooth decay.


We hope this article informed you about the importance of water in our body. We recommend you to drink more and more water to be healthy. It has no taste and is easy to get. So we should take care of our bodies whilst we can. If you have any queries about this topic, then you can ask us in the comment section. You can also watch the Benefits of drinking water on YouTube for further information.

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